These rules applies for all the attendees of the event. Non-compliance with the rules may result in a warning, or in worse cases with banning.

Please read and observe the rules you accepted at the registration!

Primary Directive

This directive serves as the foundation of our rules and regulations and takes precedence over all established rules. We will not tolerate behaviour that disturbs the peace of others, interferes with the smooth running of events, significantly impairs the visitor experience or adversely affects the reputation of the event, including its venues, partners or the public.

In the event of a breach of the primary directive, we reserve the right to revoke registration and, in more serious cases, even refuse future registration, including other events and conventions organized by out team.

Age restriction

The main venue of the convention is only accessible to those aged 18 and over. Nevertheless, we ask all participants to respect the boundaries of decency in the public and communal areas, not to display clothing or behaviour associated with adults.

The programmes and settings of the events are designed to avoid direct violence or death and the direct, natural depiction of sexuality. This is in line with the PG-16 rating and therefore, despite the higher age limit for participation, we expect all participants to adhere to appropriate behaviour and appearance.

Should these elements appear in any of the programmes, we will endeavour to indicate the age rating. It is important to note that due to the basic age restriction of the convention, the indication of age rating is optional and is solely for the comfort of the attendees and always reflects the opinion of the host or organiser of the programme.

Fursuit Walk and Programs outside the main venue

The Fursuit Walk is a family-friendly program suitable for all ages, which can be attended without registration as it takes place in public areas. It is important to note that although online registration is not required for the program, by participating, every attendee acknowledges our regulations as a condition of participation.

We ask that you pay special attention to your appearance and behavior during this program to ensure it is not frightening or disruptive to young children, as they and their guardians are likely to be the main audience during the walk.

Avoid discussing topics that young children may not understand due to their age, and remember that as a fursuiter, you should strive not to break the magic of your own or others' fursuits. You can find plenty of assistance, guide and information within the community about fursuiting.

For other programmes that take place outdoors or outside the main venue, the age rating will be indicated in the program description. It is important to note that in some cases, there may be other guests present at the outdoor site who are not associated with the event.

Clothing guidelines

Please refrain from wearing clothing or accessories that are explicitly associated with sexuality or are generally recognisable as such. Examples include leashes attached to collars, full-body latex or neoprene clothing, pup hoods, or any costume that is overly anatomically correct and appropriate for sexual acts. It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive and that these examples are prohibited due to their context and not their material. Therefore, if necessary, you may wear underlayer made of neoprene material, for example.

In addition, accessories that are intended to intimidate, offend or maliciously mock others are not permitted. This includes badges, patches, patterns and flags that convey such messages, as well as all authoritarian symbols that are prohibited by law. Also symbols should be avoided if they are associated with communities using legally prohibited symbols, even if the symbols themselves are not illegal.

If your clothing complies with the guidelines but is considered too disturbing by the public, we may also ask you to choose different clothing. Therefore, when choosing your clothing, make sure that others around you do not feel uncomfortable.

In certain cases, individual considerations may allow you to wear items or clothing that do not normally conform to the guidelines. Therefore, if you feel that someone is not adhering to the prescribed dressing guidelines, avoid confrontation. Please share your concerns with the ConOps department who will take appropriate action if necessary.

Weapons and weapon-like objects

The carrying of replica firearms is prohibited both at the main event venue and at external locations, e.g. at the Fursuitwalk. However, they may be permitted as props, e.g. for photos or other content, at the main venue, provided the organisers are convinced of the weapon is safe and prior permission has been granted for temporary carrying. If you require permission, please contact the organisers.

Other weapon replicas, such as swords, axes, and sabers, can be worn as part of costumes, provided they are safe and do not pose any risk of injury or accident. Therefore, they are typically made of flexible materials, not suitable for cutting or stabbing, without ropes or chains, and any protruding spikes or stiffeners are made of foam or other soft materials.

Health and safety

We are doing everything we can to create a safe environment for all attendees. However, we also need your help. Please ensure that you do not cause any damage to other people, the venue or property of the event. Use the equipment, furniture and facilities provided appropriately; for example, do not dismantle the glow sticks or spill their contents.


It is important that you behave responsibly and in moderation when consuming alcohol. If your behaviour becomes inappropriate due to alcohol consumption or if we have the impression that your condition poses a danger to you or others, we reserve the right to remove you from the event. In this case, you will not be allowed to return for the remaining days.

For the sake of your health, we ask you not to consume strong alcoholic drinks before and during the fursuiting. You are an adult and nobody will stop you, but it is important to know that alcohol significantly increases the risk of feeling unwell in this context.

Medications and narcotics

In order to comply with the rules and regulations for handling data, we do not request or store any health-related data. If you are on long-term medication, it is your responsibility to ensure that this information is available when needed.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Hungary's drug policy is stricter than that of neighbouring countries. Apart from alcohol, there are virtually no decriminalised psychoactive substances, so even the possession and consumption of small amounts of marijuana is punishable by law. It is therefore strictly forbidden to bring illegal drugs or psychoactive substances onto the event site!


We are many, diverse and form a community in which everyone has different boundaries, values or worldviews. It is important that we treat each other with respect, accept the choices of others and do not impose our own views on others

Be aware that what seems natural to you may not be so to others. Always communicate clearly with others, especially if something upsets or unsettles you. If someone asks you to leave them alone, accept and respect their decision.

If a problem arises and you feel that your signals are not getting through, do not let the situation escalate. Instead, contact the ConOps or the organisers, who will intervene if necessary. It is important to realise that we cannot persuade or force others to change their minds. Intervention is only justified if the behaviour can be classified as harassment.

Harassment occurs when someone creates a persistently intimidating, humiliating, embarrassing or offensive environment for others, regularly or persistently disturbs others and sometimes arbitrarily intrudes into their private lives. Such situations also include making unwanted physical contact, including sexual, which may involve the authorities.

Media, cameras and photography

By registering, you agree that photographs and video recordings may be made at the venues and in the programmes in which you perform. Anyone can make recordings that can be used in accordance with the regulations of the event. However, the use of Furdance Budapest and its logos (Winterfurs, Summerfurs) and other brand elements is not permitted without prior authorisation. However, the decoration of the venue is an exception; therefore, recordings may be used even if they contain logos and other branding elements.

We agree in advance to the private use of recordings taken at the event, including their publication on the internet. It is important to note that the materials may not be used for marketing or profit-making purposes without prior permission from the organisers and that they may not appear in other media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio or other articles or blogs without permission for illustrative purposes.

You may not share or publish programmes of events, performances or productions in their entirety. However, you may use or present extracts if they comply with fair use guidelines.

By making recordings, you agree that the organisers reserve the right to request the removal of public accessibility of any material if they consider that it does not adequately reflect the event or is contrary to its values, and to use any recorded material of the event without compensation for the illustration and presentation of the event and its programmes.

Fair Use Guidelines

The only criterion to be considered is the amount of material used. If the amount used is small in relation to the total duration of the programme or performance and does not contain essential parts of the programme, it is considered fair use under the guidelines.

Although it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine the exact numbers and proportions in advance, it can generally be said that in the case of music videos or montages, the material used will almost certainly fulfil the guidelines.

Permission Required Areas

Without prior authorisation, it is forbidden to take photographs or film in areas that you are not permitted to enter as a visitor. It is also forbidden to place equipment in areas where it could potentially interfere with planned programmes.

For example, you may not go onto the stage or the backstage area or place equipment on the stage. Without knowing the schedule, you cannot guarantee that you will not disrupt the work of others and we cannot promise that your equipment will not be damaged.

If you need a permit or would like to extend an existing permit, please contact the organisers. This will ensure that all your activities comply with the regulations of the event and that the programmes can take place without interruption.

Common areas

As described in the "Health and Safety" section, we ask that you use the furniture and items on display for their intended purpose. We will endeavour to support you with the signs on site and make you aware of important rules and information.

If a sign on site conflicts with any of the previously described sections of the regulations, the sign on site will always take precedence.

Fursuit Lounge

This is an exclusive area for fursuiters to relax and change without breaking the magic of fursuiting. If you are a fursuiter, don't forget to register as such, as registration and a fursuiter wristband are required to enter the lounge.

Each fursuiter may bring a handler, but the handler may only enter "hand-in-hand" with the fursuiter. This means that if you are not a registered fursuiter, you cannot enter the lounge area alone.

Food and drink are strictly forbidden in the Fursuit Lounge! Please only consume the refreshments provided in the designated area and do not take anything near the fursuits. As the main purpose of the room is dressing, photography or other recording is strictly prohibited.

Art Show

To preserve the integrity of the artworks, we ask you not to touch the exhibited pieces and creations and not to bring any food or drink into the art exhibition area. Please respect the artists' copyrights and refrain from taking photographs in the art exhibition area.

Although we generally welcome visitors in fursuits, we ask that you do not enter the Art Show area if you wear one. This is important not only because it is difficult to view the exhibition while fursuiting, but also because there is a high risk that you may accidentally damage one of the artworks on display.

Backstage dressing room

If you are taking part in a stage event, you can bring your fursuit to the changing room 45 minutes before the start of the programme and keep it there until it can be packed up or taken to the Fursuit Lounge at the end of the programme.

If this time exceeds 30 minutes, please make sure that you do not disturb or hinder the next programme's participants. If you are not taking part in a stage programme or have no business in the backstage area, you are not permitted to enter.

Restricted areas and operating zones

It's important to note that it's strictly forbidden to enter restricted areas and other operational areas without authorisation. Although we endeavour to clearly mark these areas, it's important to always be careful. If a room or area resembles an office, warehouse, technical trench or platform, or is completely empty, you're certainly not authorised to enter.

Detailed information on the layout and location of areas designated for visitors can be found on the map available at the self-service kiosk, which indicates the rooms in which scheduled programmes take place.